Ebano UK makes London boil to the sound of Arlindinho

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Ebano UK continues to surprise and put London to boil with their music programs.
After the commented show of the samba singer Xande de Pilares in February, the producers brought to the English capital Arlindinho, the heir to the samba. The show was held on April 7, with the Venue Tropicana Beach Club completely crowded.
If talent can be transmitted genetically, we actually don’t know, but whoever knows the musician Arlindinho may have a YES answer on the tip of his tongue, or his feet, depending on the situation. Son of one of today's greatest samba artists, the great Arlindo Cruz, the young man of only 27 years can be the greatest proof that talent can be passed from father to son.
But anyone who thinks Arlindindo is content to be known "only" as the son of Arlindo is very much mistaken. The samba singer is already a giant in musicality and it was with all his rhythms that he put London to dance "in the shoe", demonstrating to all because he is part of the Brazilian samba elite in the contemporary world.
The musician was the great attraction of the party promoted by Ebano UK, who did celebrated the anniversary of one of it members, Sarah Conceição, in high style! The evening also featured the sound of DJ Alex and the warm S.O.S Salve o Samba, responsible for heating the tambourines to the triumphal entrance of the host, who took the stage to sing his great successes Haja Fôlego!
Breath will need anyone who enjoys the cultural programs of Ebano UK. The musical calendar of the producers already counts on one the most awaited concerts by the public of the whole world. Responsible for packing the romance of ten out of ten passionate couples in the 1990s, singer Belo, the romantic voice of the Pagode, will be the big night attraction on April 28 at the Tropicana Beach Club. 
Will you miss this? If you don’t  want to be left out, you need to guarantee your tickets as the tickets are limited, only some left.

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