Belo made London shiver



This was just one of the many compliments received by the romantic evening hosted by Ebano UK and its partners on Sunday at the Tropicana Beach Club. And to pack the event that will be marked on the soundtrack of lovers, Belo, considered the most romantic voice of the Brazilian Pagode .
The singer's great successes were part of the repertoire and were sung in chorus by the public, who went to the clouds to hear songs like "Your mouth (Tua Boca)" and "Intrigue of the Opposition (Intriga da Oposição)". The show ended the international tour of the singer with a golden key!
The party also had DJ Diego's shows, which was responsible for welcoming the hundreds of people who filled the space, and DJ Barril, who finished the evening putting the track to a boil.
The Ebano Uk team thanks their partners and friends for their support, and the public for making our programming more than special.

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