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Ebano UK brings to London, Xande de Pilares, one of the exponents of samba in Brazil


It is said in Brazil that who does not like samba, is not a good guy, and who is a fan of one of the most traditional rhythms of Brazilian music knows very well which are the voices that represent this power around the world.
Sung in verses and prose, the samba has representatives to the height of its ancestral importance and one of these names is the one of the singer Xande de Pilares. With more than 20 years of his career, Xande has his voice present in the biggest samba hits in Brazil.
And each of those hits was sung loud and clear by the Brazilian audience that filled The Grand on the night of February 21 2019, when Ebano UK hosted a real Carnival in London. The producer was responsible for bringing singer Xande, one of the greatest samba artists of today, to London. The evening was still brightened with the passers-by Naiara Ribeiro and Karen Cassiano, and by DJ Alex.
The songs Are written, Play has Time and the Show has to continue, of course, were part of the repertoire and were sung in chorus by the galley. There were over a thousand people, mostly Brazilians, who put The Grand to boil with joy.
"I wish the Brazilian public that is in Europe a very positive 2019, with much possibility of victory for all, but with health, because without health, nothing rolls. May God bless us all, "said Xande in an interview with Talking with Neto Brazil.
It has not even had time to cool down and the artistic programming of Ebano UK will continue in the stern, bringing the best, from Brazil to England. In April, the producer will bring to London, the ancestor samba of Arlindinho, son of the icon Arlindo Cruz, and the romantic pagoda of singer Belo, responsible for packing couples in love in the 1990s. Arlindinho) and April 28 (Belo) at the Tropicana Beach Club (Parker Street WC2B 5PW Holborn)
And you, are you going to miss this schedule? Stay tuned to Ebano UK's website and social networks and keep in touch.



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